CRS708 test bench

CRS708 high-pressure common rail system test bench is a high-end product most recently developed for the scientific academies, research institutes and high-end common rail motor maintenance user. The equipment rail pressure is 0-2,000 bar, and the pressure source is provided by BOSCH common rail oil injection pump (or provided by the pump independently developed by the designer); the rail pressure can be customized as required by the user. It can perform the inspection and commissioning of the oil injector and common rail of the common rail oil pump produced by BOSCH, Siemens, Delphi, Denso manufacturers, as well as the EUI/EUP(optional) and the CAT HEUI injector and pump (optional). The computer control part is controlled by industrial computer with Windows system; the oil measuring system adopts the imported flow rate sensor (a measuring glass may be provided as required by customer for oil quantity measurement), which measures the oil quantity in real time and display on the big screen. The error precision is 0.1mL; the commissioning data of thousands of oil injectors and oil injecting pumps produced by BOSCH, Denso, Delphi, and Siemens, hundreds of unit pumps, pump injectors are stored in the machine, which can be quickly inquired, and as required by customers, new data can be input into the system. Reports will be generated and stored for the data gained in each inspection, and upon requested by the customer, such reports can be printed.


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1.Controlled by industrial computer in real time, Windows operating system.
2. Oil quantity is measured by sensor and displayed on 19″ LCD
3. Data can be searched, printed and made into database.
4. It can provide 0~2400 bar of rail pressure.
5. Oil temperatue is controlled by computer
6. Drive signal can be controlled.
7. Protection function of short-circuit.
8. Rail pressure can be tested in real time, it contains the high-pressure protection function.
9. Pulse and frequency of the injector drive signal can be adjusted.
10.Injection time can be setted.
11.Precise measurement, easy operation, low noise.
12. fulfill the remote assistance by internet and make the maintenance easy to operate.

Test type:  All Common Rail Injector Common Rail Pump

1. Detection on sealing performance of common rail fuel injector.

2. Detection on magnetic valve performance of common rail fuel injector.

3. Observation for atomization of common rail fuel injector.

4. Detection of uniformity of fuel quantity of common rail fuel injector.

5. Test on starting quantity of fuel of high-pressure common rail injector.

6. Test on full-load quantity of fuel of common rail injector.

7. Test on idling quantity of fuel of common rail injector.

8. Test on pre-injection of high-pressure common rail injector.

9. Medium speed testing of common rail oil injector

10. Test on user-defined quantity of fuel of Test on pre-injection of high-pressure common rail injector.

11. Testing of Piezoelectric ceramic oil injector

Detection on sealing performance of common rail pipe

13. Inspection on safety valve performance of common rail pipe

14. Inspection on pressure sensor performance of common rail pipe

15. Detection on sealing performance of common rail pump

16. Detection on common rail pressure of common rail pump

17. Detection on fuel supply of common rail pump

18. Flow rate testing of common rail oil injector

19. Electrical HPO common rail pump testing

20. It can test EUI/EUP(optional)

21. Test the CAT HEUI Injector and CAT pump(optional)

Injection testing frequency :50~3000 rpm
Pulse width: 0.1~200 ms
Continuous injection times: 0~1000
Fuel temperature :40±2℃
Supply oil quantity of common rail injector: 0~200cc/min 0.5%
Rail high pressure :0~2400 bar
Test oil filtered precision :5μ
Input power :380V/50hz/3phase or 220V/60hz/3phase
Rotation speed:0~4000RPM
Oil tank capacity: 60L
Flywheel inertia’s moment: 0.8KG.M2
Center height: 125MM
Output power :11KW(15kw/18.5kw as request)

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