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CR926 common rail injector and pump test bench, use import the flow sensor for the measurement means, it can test common rail injector and common rail pump, it can add EUI/EUP CAMBOX and HEUI function.The device uses high-power inverter and motor, heavy plate casting table for different power and torque of the common rail pump test. It can test Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens, CAT and other brands of electronic control fuel injector, oil flow measurement using imported flow sensor. Measurement parameters, rail pressure, speed, temperature, fuel, computer display.Common rail pump test, the test bench is another major function. Through the pump flow sensor, you can test the maximum common rail fuel supply, economic oil supply, has been zero for the detection of oil, and other technical indicators.

The test bench has independent diesel active oil supply system, the pressure size can be adjusted with different adapters, can increase the EUI/EUP and HEUI test


  1. Imported flow sensor test flow, reliable quality, good repeatability.
  2. Comprehensive testing. Can test injector full load, medium speed, idle, pre-spray and other conditions of the fuel injection(Leak, VL, EM, LL, VE)
  3. Use a wide range. Can detect Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens, CAT, such as injector
  4. Low noise, the host uses frequency control, low speed and high torque, speed prefabrication, low noise, no impact.
  5. Advanced control, a key to select, the whole process of automatic detection
  6. Massive data, a total of more than 1,700 kinds of fuel injector data.
  7. data management. The user can according to the guidelines , add their own fuel injector technical indicators, especially for the new fuel injector standard fuel calibration
  8. Equipped with oil pump flow sensor, with the use of rail pressure sensor, you can complete the high-pressure common rail pump test
  9. Pump type test, through different couplings, different connection flange, can test different types of high-pressure pump, such as CP1, CP2.CP3, HP0, etc.
  10. The pump can automatically complete the test conditions, such as the maximum flow, economic flow, zero oil, and the formation of statements.
  11. With the CAMBOX mechanism and adapter, it can test EUI/EUP injector(on request)

12 With the mechanism and adapter, it can test HEUI(on request)

  1. it can use high pressure rail and sensor to test high pressure injector(on request)
  2. With printer It can print the test result

Technical parameter

  1. Rated output power: 11kw (7.5KW ,11KW,15KW,18.5KW (on request))
  2. Electronic power: 380V 3phase( optional 220V 3phase)
  3. Motor speed: 0-4000RPM
  4. Pressure adjustment: 0-2500bar
  5. Fuel temperature: 40 ±2℃

6.Flow testing range:0-600ml/1000times

7.Flow measurement accuracy:0.1ml

  1. Filter accuracy: less than 5um

9.Cooling system: fan or forced cooling

  1. Fuel tank capacity: 60L

11.Size: 1900MM * 900MM * 1500MM

  1. Weight: 800kg
  2. With 19-inch display
  3. Adopt interference-free mouse
  4. color :blue or green(color as request)

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