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Fearues: 1. Bosch 6,7,8,9,10-digital IMA eccoding generation 2. Bosch piezo injector IMA,ISA encoding gerertion 3. DENSO QR oil volume correction code generation 4. Delpi C2I,C3I encoding generation 4. Siemens(VDO) ICC code generation

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STEP 2.2 – Solenoid & Solenoid Valve Assembly Fit the half ball valve into the solenoid valve stem and ensure that the flat face of the half ball valve is visible and level with the stem. DO NOT INSERT THE VALVE STEM INTO THE VALVE SEAT IF YOU CAN SEE THE SPHERICAL PART OF THE HALF BALL VALVE (Fig 22). IT MUST BE THE FLAT SIDE (Fig 21). The half ball valve should stay in the valve stem when turned over [...]

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Inspection Solenoid assembly Resistance checks should be made to the solenoid. The specific resistance measured will depend upon the type of injector and should be compared to a new unit. The resistance recorded on the particular G2 injectors that we tested was approximately 0.5 – 0.7 Ohms. Obvious signs of any damage to the outer casing or splits/cracks on the electrical connector should be observed. Check for erosion/corrosion of the electrical terminals and ensure that the inner surface of the solenoid is [...]

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Component Overview and Identification: The photo below shows an exploded stripped Denso G2 injector and labelled components: Dismantling The following dismantling, rebuild and test instructions are based on the use of the CR injector kit (part number – 850901) and Shim Kits (850276, 850296, 850301) available to purchase from Diesel Distributors, together with genuine and non genuine repair parts. STEP 1 – Solenoid Removal Figure 1    Figure 2    Figure 3 Mount the injector upright in the vice using the correct holding jaws, depending upon the [...]

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Technical and repair information surrounding Denso Common Rail injectors outside of the Denso network is limited and scarce, yet their use and presence within the Australasian diesel market is widespread. The following document aims to provide a guide to using the tooling and shim kits together with genuine and non‐genuine parts, to strip, rebuild and test Denso ‘G2’ type common rail injectors. The information herein has been gained from the dismantling, rebuild and consequent flow and response testing of new [...]