PQ1000 common rail injector test bench

PQ1000 common rail injector test bench


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 PQ1000 common rail injector test bench is used to test common rail BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI injectors. PQ1000 also can clean common rail injectors through Ultrasonic Cleaning Instrument.



1. Check whether the injector work normally

2. Check the injector starting pressure

3. Assessment of the injector spray quality

4. Inspection of the injector spray oil range

5. Check of the injector seal and angel

6. Check of the injector oil flow

7. Checking the injection return oil and injection oil.


Technical parameter:


1. Input voltage: 220V

2. Input frequency: 50HZ or 60Hz

3. Tank volume: 2 lit/gal

4. Pressure: 0-10 bar/ 0-145psi

5. Testing pressure: 0-1800bar/0-26100 psi

6. The parameter of common rail injector (fuel spray counts, frequency, pulse width, Voltage) can be set  willfully.

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